The Northern Link

Land O’Lakes Community Services
12497 A Hwy#41 Unit 1
Northbrook ON K0H 2G0
Phone: 613-336-8934
​Toll Free: 1-877-679-6636

Denbigh Diners (Denbigh Diners has been postponed at this time. please keep an eye on our Facebook page for any updates.) 

Join us the first Monday of each month at the Denbigh Hall! Cost is $8.00 for a hot, delicious homemade meal and entertainment.

Meals on Wheels
(All meals include soup and a roll

​Volunteers Needed!

Have you ever thought of Volunteer Driving?  Each trip is reimbursed at a flat rate. Drivers are needed for seniors to get to  medical appointments, social gatherings, etc. Interested?

Call Marlene 
(Seniors Transportation Coordinator) @ 613-336-8934 x233

Homemaking/Home Maintenance​

​Available in the Northbrook and the Denbigh areas.

​Call  613-336-8934 for more information.  

The Community Bus Program has been postponed at this time. Please keep an eye on our Facebook page for any updates.

Adult Drop In has been postponed at this time. Please keep an eye on our Facebook page for any updates.

Gift Certificates are available for all of our services. For more information on these services, call Marlene at:
613-336-8934 or 1-877-679-6636

Do you know a woman who needs help with an abusive situation?  The Women’s Program can help.
 or 1-877-679-6636 Privacy Respected.

We would like to welcome Ally MacDonald to our Women’s Program team! 
We are very excited to have you aboard!
613-336-8934 x222

Foot Care has been postponed at this time. Contact us for more details or keep an eye on our Facebook page.

We are now offering a Foot Care Clinic that is provided by a Registered Nurse with specialized training in Foot Care.
Healthy feet are essential to continued mobility, independence and to reduce any risk of further serious complications. For more info call  ​613-336-8934 or toll free @ ​1-877-679-6636 .

In the event of a fall or emergency, every second counts. The Lifeline service gives you confidence knowing help is available 24/7. 

The Philips Lifeline service is ideal for someone who:
– is at risk for a fall
– is recently home from the hospital
– uses a device for walking
– managing a medical condition
– considering a move to an assisted living facility. 

Please contact us at 1-800-387-8120 x7007
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